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beautiful Oklahoma
wildlife and
nature photos.
Nature's Heartbeat
The circle is unity of all life.
Without unity, we have no peace.
Without peace, we have no future.

The circle of life is balance.
Without balance, we have no wisdom.
Without wisdom, we have no nature.

The circle of life is in turmoil.
Without the trees, we can not breathe;
Without the animals, we can not feed.

The circle of life is breaking.
Without the circle, there is no life.
Without life, there is no need.

Circle of Life copyright Oct 21, 1997
by the author, ~ snowhawk ~
link to snowinote -- doe photo copyright by E.C. Gruhler
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link to First Nations Peoples -- deer photo copyright by E.C. Gruhler
Note: All photographs copyright 1998
by E.C. Gruhler - used by permission

Please use these contacts to save the wild bison (buffalo) of Yellowstone! Express your opinions about the Montana officials killing the wild bison of Yellowstone, OUR National Park that was designated FOR wildlife. Please write in with your support and let your voice be counted to stand against killing these magnificent creatures.

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What can I do?
Things you can do to help the wildlife:
1. Learn what's going on, "read all about it"
2. Join a mailing list to keep updated
3. Tell others, spread the word
4. Write to the officials--express your views

Favorite Animal Adventures - many photos
Animal Photos
Wildlife & Habitat Photos & Info
Texas Wildlife Fact Sheets
HeckHaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Center - Lake Charles, LA
Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers

Animal Facts
Animals A to Zoo - Animal Planet
Desert Animals
Armadillo Central
   Nine-banded Armadillo
Amphibian Ark
   American Alligator
   The Crocodile Hunter
   Caiman / Crocodilus
Bat Box
   About Bats
   Bat Cam
Wild Birds and Birding
   Bird Species
   Birds of Prey
   American Bald Eagle Information
   Bald Eagle
   American Eagle Foundation
   Peregrine Fund
   Raptor Center
   Defenders of Wildlife - Birds
   The Hummingbird Web Site
   Birds - Stories and Lore
   Jr Duck Stamp Art
   Ralph Maughan's Grizzly Bear Reports
   Eastern Slopes Grizzly Bear Project
   North American Bear Center
   Polar Bears
   Everything about Panda

Bison (Buffalo) - Information and contacts; current updates from the field
Caribou (Reindeer)
Big Cats
Dogs and Cats
Elephant Facts
Elephant Sanctuary - Tennessee
Ferret Central
Frog Pad
Horse Rescue
   Wild Horse Links
   Wild Horse Mentors
   More Horses
Opossum Information
OOPS: Owners Of Pet Skunks-info
The Squirrel Page
Tiger Information
   White Bengal Tigers
   Tiger Facts - NatGeo
   Turtle Facts
   California Turtle & Tortoise Club
   New York Turtle & Tortoise Society
   Sea Turtles
Yellowstone Wildlife
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What to Do
Cousins of the Deep - our aquatic cetacean cousins: whales, dolphins...
links to Snowhawk's Best Friends (Cats n Dogs) -- squirrel photo copyright by E.C. Gruhler
WWF - World Wildlife Fund Global Network
National Wildlife Federation
Defenders of Wildlife
Wildlife Society
Wild Rockies Slate
National Audubon Society
Endangered Species Glossary
Endangered Species Project
National Wildlife Refuge System
Refuge Net
link to Time (Snowhawk Poem) -- Colorado mountain goat photo copyright by E.C. Gruhler
(Mountain Goat in Colorado)

:::Note::: Most politicians do not read their e-mail. I print out a copy of my e-mail and snail-mail (post office mail) it to them for backup.
link to snowhawk's health/gardening resources -- geese photo copyright by E.C. Gruhler
Kingfisher (back to Nature)
Free calls to Congress: 1-800-972-3524
Federal Info Ctr: 1-800-688-9889
Contacting US Congress
Worldwide Governments on the WWW
more government resources
Kingfisher (next to All Things Wet)
Junco - link to bison page
Me?... Radical??

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