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All the animals and plant life depend on us to keep their waters and homes pollution free. Their declining numbers should tell us that something is wrong. Not only marine life, or all wildlife, is affected. There are also humans who are disappearing.

link to Seagulls - gull photo copyright by E.C. Gruhler
link to Sea Turtle Survival League - sea turtle photo copyright by E.C. Gruhler

Seas of the World
Cousins of the Deep
Online Marine Picture Book
Fish FAQ - Fascinating Facts about Fish
Ocean Action - what you can do to help
Plankton Net - w/Marine biology & oceanography
Ocean Sciences Education & Teacher Resources
WWW Virtual Library: Ecology, & Biodiversity
- includes Endangered species listing
Marine Biological Laboratory
Ocean Voice International
Deep Sea
Gulf of Mexico Program
Gadus Assoc: Marine Enviro Orgs
National Marine Educators Assoc
Ocean & Coastal Resource Management
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library
WWW Virtual Library: Oceanography
OceanLink - Marine Science
In Search of Giant Squid
NOAA Fisheries
Sea and Sky
Sea World

Lighthouses A Photographic Journey
John's Nautical & Boatbuilding Page
VL: Naval & Maritime General Interest
Naval Open Source Intelligence | Navy News
Boat Shows Online
Kayak & Canoe
Tall Ships, sailing photos
Fishing Gateway
Divers Travel
Divers Alert Network
Dive Rescue International
Int'l Assoc of Dive Rescue Specialists
Explore Underwater - Diver Search
Immersed: Int'l Technical Diving Magazine
NAUI OnLine - Info for serious divers
Scuba Diving - Diver's Guide
Cave And Dive
Scuba Diving - Good Dive Stories
SeaWiFS Project (NASA sea studies)
Maui Scuba Diving with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles
Maui Scuba Diving Photo Gallery
Cave Diving Pictures
Diving Pictures
UnderWater Photos

Sociological Study of the Surfing Subculture
Water Operations - Water rescue
Whales and other cetaceans

GeoZoo: Gulls link -- gull photo by E.C. Gruhler
Galapagos Sea Birds link -- photo by E.C. Gruhler

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link to snowhawk's wildlife -- dowitch photo by E.C. Gruhler  wildlife    marine life  link to snowhawk's marine animals -- dowitch photo by E.C. Gruhler

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