Universal Wonderings      a moon of Jupitorhalley's comet
Watching the skies with my Dad was one of the highest "Quality Time" pleasures of my childhood. We would lie on the hood of his pickup and wonder at all the glory glowing back at us.

Many important decisions were made while gazing up at night; like what time to leave for a fishing trip, who's turn it was to take out the trash, and which day was going to be yard day.

Nothing was left unwondered... Even the wondering if anyone was wondering back at us took place on occasion. And, of course, MY DaD was the smartest person in the world, and could easily point out all the important star data.

Now it's just me looking up into the night, wondering if DaD's wondering back at me... both of us smiling.

halebopp comet
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Orion Nebula - link to NASA hubble space telescope

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