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Because I believe everyone has the right to know what's going on, and should decide the resolutions...

Fighting is not the only way of settling disagreements. I know that some situations can cause even the mildest of pacifists to raise their neck hairs; but IMHO, communication, even if resorting to "drawing a picture", is always the better means of resolving the dispute. (I'm talking situations way below the "weapons" stage.) This does not mean if someone is swinging a bat that I condone allowing it. I would highly recommend "deleting" the bat!

and WHAT IS THIS!?! --- FACTS!

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Do you need help? You are NOT alone! There IS a way out... Someone does care! See the toll free help numbers and links on Information and Services. ::: You can volunteer to help, or donate clothing, blankets, or any housewares at your local Women and Children's shelter, or Family Resource Center. (Check with your Chamber of Commerce for addresses.) See below for more information and links on how you can help with saving children, and how to get involved with human rights. Help to stop the hate in this world and increase the love.

snowhawk's political news resources


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Political News Resources

The Real News

Alternative News

s Political News from Wired News

Salon Politics

Union of Concerned Scientists

Environment - National Geographic

Federal News Service - $transcripts online

Politics - Yahoo List

Center for Democracy & Technology

The Conservative Caucus

Democratic National Committee

HG The Legal & Government Newsstand

Jane's Defence - news on transport, defence & geopolitical intelligence

Libertarian Party


Republican National Committee

Politics in the ETEXT Archives - zines to essays

American Politics Journal

>>>>>>Note: Most politicians do not read their e-mail... I print out a copy of my e-mail and snail-mail (post office mail) it to them for backup.

US Civil Rights Complaints: 1-800-368-1019
Free calls to US Congress: 1-800-972-3524
US Federal Information Center: 1-800-688-9889
US Senate | House of Representatives
Contacting Congress (includes fax & phone numbers)
Government Politicians of the World - address directory
FedWorld - search gov info
more government resources

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