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Around town in Owasso, OK Around town Owasso, Oklahoma

Family and Friends:

My niece Kearstin, 1 month
Kearstin and Tiger, 1 yr
Kearstin 4, w/Daddy & brother Wade, 1 month
Wade, 8 months, w/Grandaddy
My nieces, Hailey & Courtney
My Cousin, Danielle Jessica Buffalow
Jennifer and Buttons
Jennifer and Buttons Again
Karen w/Buttons & Billie w/Mrs. Brown

Sam (German Schnauzer)
Sam on watch
Friends Maxi and Mindy
Mom, Carol and Billie Sue in Galveston
Mom and Cousin Ginger
Cousin Vanda & Pepper Sue (my Houston house)
Uncle Mort
Cousin, Mort Jr
Uncle Mort and Aunt Gail
Vicki, my laptop owning, "ONLINE in 09" (FINALLY!!!:), lifelong friend; (works for Jenks East Elementary School, Kindergarten Media/Library) Vicki's Book Recommendations
Gateway hq - my computer 'Dudley'
Snow Day
More Snow Days: Out the Front Door | Back
Joe in the snow

:::The Fipps of Oklahoma *1928* - MoM's family:::
Nevada photos



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