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In the beginning... and throughout this creation process, I have compiled some Internet help information (for beginners - intermediate), gathered links about building Web pages, and also collected more Internet Related Links (including the history of the Internet).

I have tried to include all the software and information I've learned and documented as far as the Internet, including procedures, tips, and help about:
Operating Systems
Web Browsers
Search Engines
Internet Jargon
Usenet Newsgroups
Computer Viruses
Building Web Pages

The first stage of my Web page creation consisted of reading some very informative primers at htmlgoodies. Then I found what I believe to be more of the best resources yet! In addition to friendly informative people, it's a "Mother Lode" of tutorials and helpful links to show you how to make a Web page as creative, magical, and/or majestical as your heart desires...

Your only limits are your own imagination.

I follow the HTML standards set by W3C. (The Director, Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web. ~\o/~ Snowhawk cheers, "Thank you!" ^5!)
I wrote a basic HTML FAQ. (HWG also has the FAQ posted.) If you're interested in creating a Web page; and you have something you want to tell the World, I hope you find this information, and my Web page building links helpful. If there is something I haven't covered, or which isn't clear, or you would rather have me do your Web page for you, you can e-mail me with questions or see Snowhawk Web Design.
(Netiquette tip: If you want to use someone else's graphics, please ask the owner's permission first. All graphics on my pages are mine, or are used with permission.)

If you build it, they will come.

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