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Legends, Lore and Mythology

Native American Lore Index - StoneE's WebLodge
Paths to Literature, Stories, Poems
Storytelling of the NC Native Americans
Zitkala-Sa. Old Indian Legends
Native American Texts
Native Stories - Many Truths
Legend of The Cherokee Rose
Choctaw Legends and Stories
Native American Stories of Creation
Creation/Migration/Origin Stories
Where Eagles Fly
The Sad Sadness
Myths of the Cherokee
Birds - Stories and Lore
Egyptian Gods
Classical Myth: The Ancient Sources - Greek and Roman
Greek and Roman Mythology
Mythology & Folklore
Myths and Legends - U NH
Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas
19th Century German Stories
Folklore, Myth and Legend
Mystical WWW-Urban Myths, Legends & Folklore
Myth and Legend from Ancient Times to the Space Age
The Story of MacDatho's Pig
Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore & Drama
Folklore & Mythology Electronic Texts
Encyclopedia Mythica
Ancient to Medieval History, Lore, Magic, & Myths
Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters
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