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Amazing us - the Platypus

Bear Cams Space News, Nat Geo

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Snowhawk's Bouncy, Pouncy Tigger
(Tigger just keeps on bouncing!)

Now... here's this:
rabbit - photo by EC Gruhler Kimberlee's Award Winning Essay!
squirrel - photo by EC Gruhler Thanksgiving Poem from KidSurfer Carrie!
Adonis Blue butterfly KidSurfer Kim Snowboarding!
turtle - photo by EC Gruhler Kids' Favorite Songs!
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* Here's POOH for you...
and TIGGER too!

for Heather :)
Tigger's Coloring Book
Winnie the Pooh FAQ
words to Tigger's Song
Recommended Pooh Books
Pooh Quotes!
Judith's Winnie the Pooh Page (w/ pictures & sounds)
Magical World of Pooh
Pooh Corner
Pooh Corner 2
Adventures of the Real Winnie-the-Pooh
All about Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh character guide
O Gallant Piglet
Eeyore's Thistly Hideaway
Pooh the Bear - with coloring pages, games, ecards, photos

If you have a favorite site that's not listed here, (or on KidSurfers' Favorites) e-mail me and I will show that you sent it. ~. .~ AND... Send in your stories and pictures, or drawings, and I'll make you your own page in KidSurfers' Art. :o)

And now... here's this:

a favorite of mine?
maybe this?
Star Wars?
or how about
the Snoopy dance?
or Pink Panther?
or is this yours? no?
then send me yours :)

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