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If it's conversation you need, and you don't like the chat rooms or im's thingys, then IRC (Internet Relay Chat) can be the meeting place for family and friends, old and new. You can "talk" with people all over the world, (and some even out of this world.) IRC is REAL people from the REAL world... some are REAL nice, and some are REAL "not so nice".

To get online, you will need the IRC software (client) for your computer's operating system:
For Macs: Ircle | More
For UNIX / Linux / shell accounts: IRCII
For Windows: PIRCH OR mIRC

Once you have the IRC client installed and setup, choose an UnderNet server from the list (in the setup). After you are logged on to the IRC UnderNet server, type /join #newbies in the text box at the bottom of the window, and begin your IRC e-journey. The operators on the #newbies channel are friendly and helpful to let you get the "feel" of ICR in a comfortable atmosphere. You can ask questions freely and once you have learned the basics there are many channels to visit. You can type /join #*put any help channel listed below in this area, or your favorite topic, sport, hobby, etc* (Be sure to use the "#" in front of the channel names.) You can find more commands under "help" from the tool bar, and at the links below.

I have been an operator on the Undernet #newbies channel, so it is the one familiar to me. All of the networks offer help channels, and each will usually have a channel of their own called #newbies or #beginners or #help.

The setup is very easy and only requires your e-mail address and a nickname you wish to use online. (If you don't want your real name displayed, you can use your nickname in that space as well.)

Along with all the help channels to using IRC, there are also many help channels of every topic you can imagine. It's also a great place to hold online meetings for groups and organizations, because there is no limit to the number of people per channel. It's easy to creat your own temporary channel, you just type /#join #ChannelNameThat'sNotInUseGoesHere -- When you hit enter, if there is anyone else in the channel, you know it's not yours. I would make channel names such as #html_911, or #wildlife_... Something where your group can locate you, yet a name that more likely would not already be in use.


:::IRC's 4 Big NetWorks:::

:::IRC help channels:::
#beginner | #help | #irchelp | #ircle | #ircnewbies
#java | #linuxhelp | #macintosh | #mirc | #mirchelp
#new2mirc | #pirch | #virc | #wasteland
Many new channels are constantly being opened.

:::For UnderNet help:::
#cservice (to register a channel)

:::For DalNet help:::
#help | #DALnetHelp

happy 2 c u :)

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