Family of Friends
Climbing that stairway of technology together...

Snoopy Dance

Friends from the Internet
are those whom we must
learn to see, without looking
learn to listen, without hearing
learn to feel, without touching...
Thank you for all the smiles,
laughter, sharing, learning
and Love,
~ snowhawk ~

someone cares


Those I am honored to call friends
bff's, ff's, & ewkiuihf's (even when kickin' it up in heaven friends")

spacer Best Friends
My Cousin Wayne ~\o/~ - which way did he go, George?!?
My cousin Karen Sandquist (Outstanding Artist, & Homemade Soap Maker) CalNevAri, Nevada [Mojave Desert], transplant from New York!
Karen & Gary - Karen and I met and have been lifeloooooooong friends since the 8th grade! TEXAN°
Vicki, my laptop owning, "ONLINE in 09" (FINALLY!!!:), lifelong friend; (works for Jenks East Elementary School, Kindergarten Media/Library) Vicki's Book Recommendations
Joy - Colorado; "I miss the mountains! - almost as much as I miss you!" Friends since my 2nd job, and 1st time away from home.... "way" away, Washington D.C.!!
Deb - Illinois (don't pronounce the "s") lol - also friends and "time traveling patner" since Washington D.C. days!!
Gilda (Friend & Web Partner; Owner of the Greater Tulsa Web Info Centers. (I do her Web Design :)
Jennifer (Gilda's daughter) and Buttons (one of my roommates :)
Africa: The Weast Family - Houston, Texas family
Greg (Louisiana Photographer & History Teacher) - [Louisiana, High School friend! B]
Keith's Pumpkin Portraits (How to's & patterns) [Louisiana, friend from Jr High & High School]
Rick (Friend from Louisiana, now in Texas!)
Aim Higher (Tertius - Web Design partner!)
AshenPaint: Mike (school teacher, fellow 1995 beginner :)
Cat - Texas; great friend & another of my first e-encounters from 1995!
Bugged - Toms (IRC friend)
Busy Bea (IRC friend)
Clotho (IRC friend)
ClubBug (IRC friend)
Durandal (IRC friend)
Damon - Web Design (Where'd ya go?)
JoeDon (bison, Wounded Knee)
Jon Marc, 1 of my first E-Friends; White Knight of Damsels in Distress...
(First Nations resources & issues)
Noquisi (Back to the Blanket journal, issues, health+)
NTI (NeverThinkImpossible - trekked)
PuRpLeSoX / poo {My first online "human" contact! (1995) {IRC e-friend}
Roamin1 {One of my first e-friends!} ---- Where are you, Mike? "r u still hunting those lost socks? I told ya, that's what black holes are for..." :Þ˜
Rupi (IRC friend)
Shummie (gardening, K-9s, Florida+)
Steve & Kim - mOOf (IRC friends)
Spence Family (Irish-MoM -MomsOnline, Alaska photos, genealogy+)
Suzanne-CALBlond & Harold-Frisian (IRC friends from the Netherlands)
tiki and arm (IRC friends)
Willow (IRC friend)
Wilma/Starky (IRC friend)
Zobel {{Robert from Germany. My 1st E-Friend!}}


If you want to be added let me know.
If you want to be dropped... too bad!



snowhawk midi ~ with or without you

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