Warrior Women, painting by Dana Tiger "Warrior Women" by Dana Tiger First Nations Peoples
Dedicated to those who walk their path upon Mother Earth in respectful harmony; and in memory of the many who shed their blood to protect her and our future generations...

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Our Troops - Native American Soldiers

If you truly want to know "what's what", I recommend First Nations.
Native American News Resources
Grandmother Raven Wolf
Harvest of Death
Great American Indian Leaders
In Memory of the Elders
A Line in the Sand
The Legend of Anna Mae
And justice for All? - AIM, Pine Ridge & the FBI
AIM American Indian Movement
Native American Mailing Lists  
Pow Wow Calendar
Native American Activist Resources - Karen Strom
Crosspoint Anti Racism - Indigenous Peoples Resources

First Americans in the Arts; Annual Awards
PBS - Archives of the West (Many Photos)
Voices from the Trading Post
Legends & Lore
StoneE's WebLodge - Lore
NA Indian Colleges
Lisa Mitten's HP - communication, sociology, & language links
Native Languages
Indian Health Service
Minorities' Job Bank - Native American Village
Recipes | Herbs
Nutrition | Gardening
Center for World Indigenous Studies
Timeline Events Relevant to Northern Plains Tribes
Native American Resources - Karen Strom
People's Paths - NAm Indian Resources - massive resource site by Paula Giese
Village of First Nations - starting point for info on Peoples, native art, life & culture
American Indian Research and Policy Institute
American Indian Treaties

NAm Indian Tribes- Google
Alaska Native Knowledge Network
First Nations Histories
Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians
Oklahoma Tribal Nations
Cherokee - my Tsalagi Resources
Chickasaw Cultural Center
Chickasaw History
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Choctaw Code Talkers
Comanche Nation
Comanche Tribe
Creek Tribe
Among the Creeks
Creek Indian History - as it relates to the Southeast
Crow Nation
About the Lenape Tribe
Hopi Cultural Preservation Office
The Illini: Lords of the Mississippi Valley
Sioux Nation; Akta Lakota
American Indian Research Project - Univ SD
History of Latin American Studies
The Mayan Civilization
Makah Nation
Makah Nation - On the Olympic Peninsula
Navajo Nation
Ancient MesoAmerican Civilizations - Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec, & Aztec
Nez Perce
Nez Perce National Historic Trail
Osage Nation
Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma
Potawatomi Nation
Pueblo Cultural Center
Seminole Tribe of Florida
Tlingit National Anthem: Alaska Natives Online
Other Cultures | Geography

"Every Indian outbreak that I have ever known has resulted from broken promises and broken treaties by the government." ~William F. Cody~

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"The strength of the wolf is the pack;
and the strength of the pack is the wolf."
~ Rudyard Kipling ~

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