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First Nations Peoples

I am a descendent of the Tsalagi, also known as Cherokee. ("Cherokee" is a Creek word meaning "people with another language.") Originally, they called themselves AniYunwiya, meaning "real, leading, or principal people". The ancient Ani-Kituhwagi, "people of Kituhwa", are said to be the original nucleus of the tribe.

Recently I was told my ancestors are also of the Creek, Chahta (Choctaw) and Chickasaw Nations. These are only the Nations I am aware of; there are some in the family who claim there are even more.

I am another of the many, who for various reasons, did not have the honor of being raised in the "traditional" way of First Nations Peoples. I have always been the "different" one, asking what was thought to be "odd" questions, thinking of life in ways not seen as "normal". Many times I was taken as being "weak" due to my ways... but "they" were wrong...

My e-journey consists mainly of obtaining knowledge of my ancestors. I have a wide range of interests, as you see by the Eclectic Gateway; but my interest here is of a personal nature.

My grandmother, Larah Caldonia Fipps Williams, was very special. She seemed to have a very strong "knowing quality". She and I shared a mutual appreciation for nature, especially eagles and hawks. I didn't get to be with her as much as I would have liked since we lived near the Gulf Coast, and my grandparents were in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We did visit every Thanksgiving week for her birthday. I feel the more I learn of the Tsalagi, the more I know of her; thus the more I know of myself.

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