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Yes, I know about all the advice on using this background, those fonts, colors, graphics, and on and on.. I'm not here to add to the general advice (although, I do agree mostly). I just want to say that yes, the idea is to have something pleasant for the group of people you wish to attract to your Website. So, my point is, if you wish to attract viewers who share your particular tastes, then use your ideas, and what you like. Don't get all confused trying to comply with every single design and style specialist... or you'll never have any fun. The whole point of a personal Web page is to have fun. I did it my way. (However, I do make sure my pages validate, which means the HTML and CSS are error free, and they are accessible to just about every browser type and version.) There... that's my e-2¢ worth. Now, on to the Website building...


[I have a few choices for each topic so you can find a Website to best suit your technogeekness.:]
[First you will need some Web space to upload your Web site to the Internet.]

[Even if you use an HTML editor, you need to learn enough about HTML to correct the errors and/or clean up the code. The best way to know your HTML is correct is to use a validator to check it.]
[Web safe colors mean the colors won't dither or show "spazed" on some browsers.]
[HTML = HyperText Markup Language; HTML is what tells the browsers how to display your Web page.]
WDVL: Introduction to HTML
W3schools HTML Tutorial
Bare Bones Guide to HTML - offered in many languages
HTML Goodies - Beginner Primers
Building a School Web Site
Index Dot HTML: Advanced HTML Reference
Composing Good HTML
HTML Station
HTML Help by The Web Design Group
HTML Contents - W3C

[Image Maps are where there are several clickable links added within an image.]
[META tags are the way to go for specifying your keywords, description of the Web page, and copyright, for just a few examples.]
[¥ = ASCII Character Charts are a quick useful reference to get the code for characters and symbols that are not standard to some browsers; such as using the "&" character followed by "amp;" rather than the "&" sign alone.]
€ ASCII Character Chart ¶
‡ BigNoseBird: ASCII Character Chart ¥

[Tables are the way pages separate, divide, and move parts of the text, or graphics, without needing oozles of spaces to get graphics and text where you want it. - This text is inside a table.]
[CSS = Cascading Style Sheets; Many great advantages over using HTML to get your Web page to look the way you want it. Another great feature is that you can change the whole page with a simple adjustment to your CSS instead of going the page to change every font tag.]
[Frames: I personally don't care for using frames, but in case you do, here's some tutorials to help you learn.] [Here are some more helpful references, tutorials, and Web tools.]

Accessibility Standards - Can everyone see your page?
Submit Corner - information/tools for small business Websites
Copyright & Trademark Resources
Legalities - Web matters: Writers, Web Designers, copyright, etc


Web Developer's Virtual Library Forums - The Webmaster's Reference Library
Web Development
Creating Killer Websites
Intranet Journal
Windweaver's Design & Style Resources
Web Tools Review - Phil's Review & Tips
MS Developer Network
Web Style Guide
*** Sites Offering Free Web Space ***


Graphics Tips and Tutorials

*Introduction to Web Design with Adobe Photoshop* - excellent WDVL (Web Developer's Virtual Library) resource by Seleno Sol & Kenji Tachibana
GrafX Design - Web Graphics Tutorials - Photoshop, Corel, PSP
PegaWeb - Photoshop Tutorials, beginners-advanced
Design Publishing Photoshop Directory
Adobe Design Center
Adobe Exchange: actions, plug-ins, ect
Infinite Fish - graphx, webdesign, prog
Paint Shop Family
Introduction to Paint Shop Pro
Abstract Dimensions - PSP Tips & Tricks
Sites Offering Free Graphics

Bells & Whistles, Free Graphics
Christian Animations, Graphics, ClipArt
Dark Project Art Work
Ender Design: Realm Graphics
Free Graphics
Mike Bonnell
NYPL Digital Gallery
Free Graphics by Syruss
Windy's Design Studio
Wizard of Draws Clipart
Royalty Free Image Sites

CGI | PERL | JavaScript | JAVA | DHTML | ASP, etc. are at my Technology Gateway

My sincere appreciation to all of the above. These are the sites where I go to learn.

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