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The Cat and I

Sam has to see too (German Schnauzer) - more photos

cat print   has personality PLuS! She, of course, would be totally humiliated at the very idea of being called "mine". I am hers... It's a cat thang. Cats are the supreme, dramatic epitome of independence... and curiosity.

Though lowering her feline standards, she will follow me nonchalantly at a very safe distance, and will not look me in the eye as she gracefully fly-floats into my lap.

We read together... she always enjoys the morning paper, and she who makes the most noise wins. That principle also applies to the 3 AM "spasm romps", which end with her jumping up on the back of my chair, biting my hair, and bouncing off to the sofa where the morning bird watch begins.

There are moments when you would truly believe all known felinities to be upside down as she surrenders in total abandonment actually falling off the bed or counter top with her "plops". Many times she does this plop on the bathroom counter ending up in the sink with the ultimate insult, water! This results in an immediate dash to the highest reachable point in the house to begin the long series of thorough self-washings as she regroups to regain her royal dignity.

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Maxie and Mindy (Mike's Friends)
friends Maxie and Mindy from OK City

I can't imagine growing up without a dog. My best friend was a German Shepherd. He kept me from harm, although we did get into trouble somewhat; but always together. He never left my side. He trained me... I didn't need to teach him anything. He already knew anything we said. He was super; well behaved and intelligent. So intelligent that one felt it demeaning to issue any "commands". I only taught him to roll over, and that was in self defense. He could stretch and knock me out of bed, then immediately proceed with the "sniff over" to see what was wrong with me because of all the noise I was making.

He was very gentle, yet could control a gang of "badboys" with just a look, slightly showing a few teeth. I only remember him growling once when one of the guys had shoved me. He was pinned on the ground in a flash with a paw on his chest and mouth around his neck... no, no damage or marks. The message was received and obeyed, apologies made, and a quick exit by the badboys who gave us ultimate respect from then on.

We were inseparable and would even moan, groan, whine, howl, and bark at the same things. My parents never expressed much concern, but I do remember my Mom asking me if I were planning to take Dumbo on my first date with me... "Yep!".. and I did.

Dumbo was so named because of his ears. He would get one up and the other would fall simultaneously. After he was 2 years old, both ears stayed up, finally. (My folks said he reminded them of the movie, Dumbo about the baby elephant.) He was an oversized German Shepherd. At one year old weighing 125 pounds, he would greet me at the bus everyday, knocking me down in front of all those kids... I didn't mind much. His pleasure at seeing me could wipe out the worst of school days. Dumbo was truly my best buddy ever.

pup's paw print   Brownie Sandquist! - Buttons & Jennifer

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