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Tank Girl Kate, My 76 Cadillac DeVille
"TankGirl Kate" (Why did I buy a "tank"?... Defense :)
(more photos)

My Autos - the "vroomers"

I drool for a 59 Cadi! I developed an appreciation for the classics while I was learning to walk and talk. Dad was always telling me about when cars were cars, & that you could tell a lot about someone by the way they treated their car.

One of my favorite Uncles, Uncle Mort, had a 66 Olds Toronado. (Enter speeeed!) More favorites, Uncle Demar and Aunt Margaret, had a red & white convertible 53 Cadi. (They've always had the coolest of cars!) We were the main attraction at the beach when they would visit us on the Gulf Coast. Now I'm spoiled to the "Big Ones" forever.

My first car was a 65 Chevrolet Belair. Even though most of my peers thought I'd been cheated at the time, "Angel" was a taste of Heaven to me. (She even had what most of their car's didn't... chrome!) I spent every spare moment buffing. Of course, I wasn't given the keys until I passed "the test"... I put the new tires on her, changed the oil, and was handed the keys by a proud Daddy. I learned the value of rubber within a month when I needed to buy my own set of back tires. (Who knew there was going to be "evidence?")

Next was the "higher-velocity" phase beginning with a restored 71 Dodge Charger, which was soon sold when I acquired "Pepper," a bright 74 T-Top Corvette Stingray defying the force of gravity with a capital "D." -- Ya know, there are only two kinds of cars -- winners, and the ones covered in dust. =)

I did eventually get my first "new" vehicle. "CJ" (Classy Jake) was a burgundy 92 supercab Chevy 1500, step side, with a 5-speed, 350 engine. He won me the respect of every guy I met... (Jake gave his life for me when we were hit in a head-on collision in January, 1994. I shall always hold his memory dear.)

The latest vrooom member is "TankGirl Kate." I found her last year - only 50,000 original miles on her. She's a classy 76 Cadillac DeVille (500 ci)... and for my Mom, her younger brother "Joe" (yes, in honor of Joe Montana), an 80 2dr Fleetwood. (Greatest as far as smooth rides.. especially for that time between "the crunch" and "the repairs.") Either ready and willing to be sacrificed for the 59...

59 Cadi - Top of the 'I WANT IT!' LIST :~
Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish...

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