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Warrior's Commitment, painted by Jerome Bushyhead
"Warrior's Commitment"
by Jerome Bushyhead

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Native American

Genealogists/Family Historians - has the Dawes Commission
Search the Dawes Final Rolls
American Indian Records on microfilm
Indian Territory Genealogical & Historical Society - Tahlequah, OK
Historical & Genealogical Societies of Oklahoma - of USA
Southwest Oklahoma Genealogical
Oklahoma Genealogical Society
Oklahoma at RootsWeb
Genealogy.com: Oklahoma
Native American Indian Ancestry - Peoples Paths
NAm Genealogy Resources - K.Strom
Cyndi's List - Native American
BIA - Indian Ancestry
African-Native Genealogy
People of the Three Fires Native Genealogy
Broken Threads
Cherokee by Blood
Cherokee Publ. -Books on the Cherokee
Looking for Your Cherokee Ancestors
Cheyenne Genealogy
Chickasaw Genealogy
Chicksaw Nation 1837-1907
Chickasaw History
Creek Resources
Native American Mailing Lists
(There are also more Native Am. Indian resources at the general links below.)
«The Fipps of Oklahoma *1928*»
~ my MoM's family photo ~

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ask, and you'll be given;
seek, and you will find;
knock, and the door will open;
the key's in your heart & your mind.

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Ancestors - Resource Directory by state
Ancestors-Charts & Records -printable forms
Numbering Systems in Genealogy
HeritageQuest Beginners Guide - Genealogy 101
Treasure Maps- the How-to Genealogy Site
Cyndi's List
Genealogy Search Engines
Local History & Genealogy - Library of Congress
Everton - Family History Network
Genealogy Gateway to the Web
Clayton Libray Center for Genealogical Research
National Genealogical Society
Genealogy Web Search Tools
Helm's Genealogy Toolbox
Heritage Quest
Genealogy Links

Christine's Genealogy site - African Am & So US
Acadian-Cajun Genealogy
Acadian & French Canadian
Genealogy in Louisiana - Cindi's List
French Genealogy Links
Your Irish Roots
National Archives of Ireland
UK & Ireland Genealogy
Irish Genealogy Search
Genealogy.ie - Celtic Origins
Irish Immigration Center
Scottish Genealogy Society
Scotland: Genealogy
Quakers in Britain

Cultures | Maps
Genealogy Mailing Lists
Search Names Files From 1990 Census
U.S. Census Bureau
Vital Records Info- US
Search the Social Security Death Index
Researching People of the Civil War Era

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Fipps Family 1928
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