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Warrior's Commitment, painted by Jerome Bushyhead
"Warrior's Commitment"
by Jerome Bushyhead

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Native American

Genealogists/Family Historians - has the Dawes Commission
Search the Dawes Final Rolls
American Indian Records on microfilm
Indian Territory Genealogical & Historical Society - Tahlequah, OK
Historical & Genealogical Societies of Oklahoma - of USA
Southwest Oklahoma Genealogical
Oklahoma Genealogical Society
Oklahoma at RootsWeb
Genealogy.com: Oklahoma
Native American Indian Ancestry - Peoples Paths
NAm Genealogy Resources - K.Strom
Cyndi's List - Native American
BIA - Indian Ancestry
African-Native Genealogy
People of the Three Fires Native Genealogy
Broken Threads
Cherokee by Blood
Cherokee Publ. -Books on the Cherokee
Looking for Your Cherokee Ancestors
Cheyenne Genealogy
Chickasaw Genealogy
Chicksaw Nation 1837-1907
Chickasaw History
Creek Resources
Native American Mailing Lists
(There are also more Native Am. Indian resources at the general links below.)
«The Fipps of Oklahoma *1928*»
~ my MoM's family photo ~

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knock, and the door will open;
the key's in your heart & your mind.

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Ancestors - Resource Directory by state
Ancestors-Charts & Records -printable forms
Numbering Systems in Genealogy
HeritageQuest Beginners Guide - Genealogy 101
Treasure Maps- the How-to Genealogy Site
Cyndi's List
Genealogy Search Engines
Local History & Genealogy - Library of Congress
Genealogy Gateway to the Web
Clayton Libray Center for Genealogical Research
National Genealogical Society
Genealogy Web Search Tools
Helm's Genealogy Toolbox
Heritage Quest

Christine's Genealogy site - African Am & So US
Acadian-Cajun Genealogy
Acadian.org Genealogy
Genealogy in Louisiana - Cindi's List
French Genealogy Links
Your Irish Roots
National Archives of Ireland
UK & Ireland Genealogy
Irish Genealogy Search
Genealogy.ie - Celtic Origins
Irish Immigration Center
Scottish Genealogy Society
Scotland: Genealogy
Quakers in Britain

Cultures | Maps
Genealogy Mailing Lists
Search Names Files From 1990 Census
U.S. Census Bureau
Vital Records Info- US
Search the Social Security Death Index
Researching People of the Civil War Era

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Fipps Family 1928
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